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Welcome to NEVI, a world class leading partner for in-company procurement and supply management training programs.

We specialize in designing and delivering tailored procurement & supply management programs for multinationals and international procurement teams worldwide.

As an agile and trusted partner, we have actively supported procurement teams for over 10 years, with good results, often exceeding their expectations. We have built a strong track record in delivering practical, result-driven training programs.

To address your organization’s challenge, our ‘Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement’ delivers the best-fit solution. This approach starts with defining clear development needs and potential, and delivers concrete ROI as a result.

How can you get new ideas accepted by all stakeholders in an organisation? And how do you get buy-in from colleagues and stakeholders to deal with challenges and obstacles in a different approach? These are questions that procurement managers are increasingly having to address in innovational processes.

Innovational Leadership offers the mindset, techniques and tools to succeed as an innovational leader. Another way of collaborating, solving problems and discovering new (innovational) ideas with internal partners and external suppliers is Design Thinking. In an iterative process of prototyping, testing and reflection, joint innovations and problem solving adds value to the business and stakeholders. This constitutes a further step in your strategic partnerships with suppliers and internal/ external stakeholders with a customer-centric approach.

But don’t take our word for it, ask the CPOs and thought leaders of the world’s leading organizations.


Our curriculum help develop your organisation and foster change. This picture shows the overview of our portfolio for in-company training programs and workshops.

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