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About us

Purspective is an international procurement training institute, based in The Netherlands with offices in the UK, Austria, Brazil and China. We specialize in developing and delivering worldwide training programmes for procurement professionals and related disciplines. We do this in over 30 countries and more than 10 languages.

Purspective is a 100% subsidiary of the Dutch Procurement Association NEVI, the world’s third largest global procurement and supply management association. In 2012, NEVI Purspective became the first organization in the world to receive the coveted International Federation for Procurement and Supply Management’s (IFPSM) ‘Global Standard’, accrediting the value of NEVI Purspective’s procurement development programmes.


At Purspective, we strongly believe that partnering has a positive impact on creating value. We have partnerships with the following companies and institutions to maximize the added value.


Procurement Academy
Procurement Academy

Increase the impact of your training programme with e-learning to align knowledge between participants.

Should Cost Application


Gain insight into the cost price of every product, in less than 5 minutes, with the WTP application.



Increase the impact of your training programme by durably changing behaviour.

Highly collaborative relationships


A special addition to your training programme focused on close supplier relations in order to increase innovative power and product quality.

Knowledge partners / institutions

University of Tennesee

Vested is designed by researchers of the university of Tennesee.

Maastricht University

Prof. Dr. Frank Rozemeijer is NEVI Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management allied to Maastricht University.

Tilburg University

Prof. Dr. Ir. G.C.J.M. Vos is NEVI Professor of Purchasing Management.

Dalian University of Technology

A cooperation in China with the Dalian University strengthens our position in Asia.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Prof. Dr. Arjan van Weele is NEVI Professor of Purchasing Management allied to the Technical University Eindhoven.

Certified Programs

Purspective offers certified programs, and has been accredited by CEDEO and IFPSM with the Global Standard. The accredition is for both learning and development as well as for the content on procurement and supply management topics. When a participant finishes course with Purpective, personalised certificates can be given out.

CEDEO (part of Lloyd's Register)

At NEVI-Purspective, continuous innovation in education is a key priority. We integrate scientific research and practical insight into our training programs. We also integrate the evaluation from both trainers and trainees. Our continuousimprovement methodology has led to the awarding of the CEDEO-certificate. This certificate is only for training institutions which have an above average scope on client satisfaction, quality, continuity and business orientation.

IFPSM Global Standard

NEVI-Purspective was the first organization in the entire world to get the IFPSM Global Standard reward for its educational programs. The IFPSM Global Standard is a Quality Standard for Supply Chain Educational Programs – The Global Standard sets out the mix of knowledge, learning and skills against which educational programs in purchasing and supply management of an intellectual equivalence of at least a first degree level can be assessed and accredited.

Outcomes Based and Flexible – The Standard is outcomes based, and does not prescribe detailed program design, delivery or assessment, but instead defines the outcomes required from the program. This means that providers can shape their programs to local demands while still meeting the requirements of the Standard.