Strategic relationships require strategic contracts enabling you to go beyond “Getting to Yes”, and moving forward to a new negotiation paradigm that allows you to “Get to We”. To reap the rewards, you will need to master 21st century collaborative contracting approaches.

This means shifting from arms-length (and often adversarial) transactional contracts to highly collaborative win-win relational contracts. This program provides business professionals with a simple to follow 5-step process and the skills needed to enable you to turn your next contract negotiation into a collaborative contracting environment, designed to remove tension and obstacles more effectively than traditional approaches.

The course is particularly effective when organizations and their service providers attend as a team and apply the learning’s to a real relationship.

Key objectives

  • Understand why, what, and when of a relational contract
  • Learn a simple 5-step collaborative contracting process for negotiating the foundation of the relationship prior to negotiating any deal points – essential for creating the environment for non-adversarial negotiations.
  • Learn how turn common controversial contract clauses into clauses that create a more fair and balanced win-win spirit
  • Apply sound skills and techniques you can use in future collaborative contracting situations
  • Drive change within your organization by creating your own collaborative contracting pitch

Participant profile

This course is ideal for teams and individuals chartered to draft and negotiate strategic relationships on behalf of their companies. Participants typically include commercial managers, contract negotiators, in-house counsels, contract managers/administrators, procurement professionals, business development executives, account executives, alliance managers, corporate managers in charge of procuring/providing outsourcing operations, supply chain managers, lawyers and consultants who support these functions.

This Collaborative Contracting course is a logical follow-up after the Vested course, as it guides you through the steps towards a Vested collaborative contract.

Methods of Instruction

This course provides a high touch environment for attendees to learn the theory and practice of Collaborative Contracting. The class size is limited to provide a rich experience where participants can interact with the UT faculty and Purspective who are pioneers in collaborative contracting.

The course uses a combination of interactive RealPlay® sessions and evocative role playing sessions designed to help you put the Collaborative Contracting into practice.

Course attendees are asked to complete the Getting to We online course prior to coming to the training as required pre-work. This enables participants to understand the fundamentals of collaborative contracting prior to coming to the course, enabling rich interactive discussions and dedicated time for interactive sessions. Course tuition includes the online course (priced at €495 when taken separately.) The online course can continue to be accessed as a refresher in the future. The participants are also provided with a complimentary registration for the Vested Five Rules online course (optional, but not required pre-work).

Facilitated by

Purspective, center of excellence – As NEVI-Purspective we have a close relationship with Kate Vitasek already for a couple of years. Since we are one of the leading procurement management organizations in the world we are very keen on constantly developing our expertise in the field of procurement and supply management in order to help you get the most out of your supplier relationships. Therefore, we have adopted the methodology of Kate Vitasek and the University of Tennessee on the strategic sourcing in the new economy and particularly the Vested Outsourcing methodology, and are proud to be a Center of Excellence (CoE) since the summer of 2016!

Kate Vitasek – University of Tennessee’s lead researcher and faculty for Graduate and Executive Education for all Vested programs. Kate has been lauded by World Trade Magazine as one of the “Fabulous 50+1” most influential people impacting global commerce. Her work has led to 6 books, including, Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Will Transform Outsourcing, Vested, How P&G, McDonald’s, and Microsoft are Redefining Winning in Business Relationships, and Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships. Kate has also been featured CNN International, Bloomberg, NPR, and on Fox Business News and has been names on IAOP’s “Powerhouse 25” list and the National Association of Outsourcing’s “A-List” of thought leaders.


€ 2.000,- ex VAT.
Location: Inntel Hotels Rotterdam Centre
Date: October 1 and 2nd, 2018 (2 days)