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As a professional learning and development partner, we have extensive experience in global learning programs. We believe that two crucial aspects need to be acknowledged and taken into account when developing learning programs.

  • The return on investment on L&D budgets needs to be tangible. All too often it is simply not clear whether a formal learning program actually achieves the impact envisaged on the performance of the organization.
  • Individuals have their own objectives and are looking for lifelong learning. They take more individual responsibility for learning objectives and developments.

R-CEPt - Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement

Since November 2001, we have helped a vast number of multinationals realize their procurement objectives by developing their knowledge, skills and capabilities. During this period of over a decade, we’ve developed a five-step ‘Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement’ (R-CEPt ™) to provide you, our valued customer, with the best-fit solution.

Development and customization process

Customization methodology

Bootcamp approach

The Bootcamp metaphor comes from the experience that pressure, team spirit and fun stimulates alertness, focus and creativity. Pressure is created throughout the program by continuously challenging and inspiring you and by setting a clear deadline for delivering a presentation.

To achieve results, concept awareness is important, but practice is even more important. Therefore, in our programs, most of the time is spent on action-learning (working on individual assignments, case studies, role-plays and critical thinking) in a high pressure – high paced environment. Focus is on putting what is learnt into practice. Trainees learn from each other and support each other in developing new ways of working (peer learning, sharing and providing feedback are key elements). The best results come from on-the-job learning, for which you can define several projects. Throughout the whole process, we will help trainees apply what they have learned in day-to-day practice, to achieve better business results while also having fun and increasing motivation! You will be guided by experienced trainers, who have substantial procurement experience themselves.

Why Bootcamp?

  • Enable participants to immerse themsleves in specific topics
  • Apply learning to own practice by working on own projects
  • Learning by doing, immediate practice
  • Gain stakeholder commitment by presenting to management, stakeholders and peers
  • Blended learning approach providing speed and efficiency
  • Combination of virtual and classroom trainings