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The Purspective approach

In short, the Purspective learning philosophy consists of:

Obtaining true ROI – making the change in behavior (competencies) create tangible results
A 70-20-10 ratio – an experimental cycle to ensure embedding in the workplace; 70% onsite learning 20% coaching and feedback; 10% formal One-size fits one; individual assessments and smart tailored learning paths (blended)

As a professional learning and development partner, we have extensive experience in global learning programs. We believe that two crucial aspects need to be acknowledged and taken into account when developing learning programs.

The first aspect is that the return on investment on L&D budgets needs to be clear for organizations. All too often it’s just not clear whether a formal learning program actually achieves the impact envisaged on the performance of the organization. The second aspect is that individuals have their own objectives and are looking for lifelong learning. They take more individual responsibility for learning objectives and developments.

Purspective makes sure that both the need of the organization for truly effective learning and the need of the individual learner are met.

Our L&D programs can start with individual and organizational assessments to determine both individual and collective learning objectives. The unique R-CEPt approach is a concise process for developing learning programs.

Clear learning objectives are defined and can be role based (for specific roles) or theme based, for specific competences. Our research gives insightinto not only skills and knowledge requirements, but also effective behavior learning goals. High impact learning is ensured by creating tailor-made adjustments to our standard programs, so the program becomes highly relevant.

As part of NEVI, Purspective has access to both academics as well as practitioners. The groundbreaking research in the fields of procurement and personal effectiveness is used by Purspective to design learning programs that ensure new thinking can be applied in everyday work. Through our extensive membership backbone, we make sure that programs are focused on practical application of new concepts.

Learning is moving away from the classroom and becoming 24/7. It also focuses on application in the workplace. For this reason, we have adopted the Kolb model of learning and we esure that our programs are a combination of formal learning, peer learning, coaching andon-the-job application. (70-20-10 model). Our blended solutions can offer more theoretical e-learning, or practical simulations and on-the-job coaching. We decide together with you the time allocated to each of the three activities.

In our learning delivery we use a mix of didactical techniques such as role plays, simulations, games, peer feedback, e-learning and videos. We extend the learning through preparation, intake and follow up with coaching and the use of templates. Our LMS systems supports participants to make sure they can keep track of the learning paths and materials.

The delivery is done by our international trainer network. We work with highly qualified independent trainer/coaches that have relevant experience and didactical capabilities. As an organization, we certify trainers and we make sure international programs are aligned.

Learning programs are challenging and inspirational, and we will make sure you develop to your full potential!