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Contract Management

Contract Management

You have successfully made your way through the sourcing stages and obtained a negotiated contract. Congratulations! But are you getting the anticipated value out of the agreement? All too often we see that scope creep or just intentional change leaves one of the parties frustrated. Proper contract management can help you solve these issues.

Looking for continuous improvements? Measuring and steering Key Performance Indicators and making sure Service Levels are met? Asking for continuous monitoring and evaluation, both from the buying organization as well as from suppliers? How can you set up a cycle that sets priorities so that risks are managed and value is coming out of your wide supplier spectrum? What kind of contracts help you in managing your supplier relations and which contracts are hidden time bombs that pop-up at any moment?

Effectively managing contracts is one of the key elements that needs to be developed in order to have a highly effective procurement organization. Knowing the changing business requirements is key to this, and understanding the business dynamics of the market is equally important.

From beginner contract managers to well-seasoned contract managers, our courses offer in depth insights into the successes and pitfalls of contract management, tailored to your situation with examples from your business.