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Although going to court is usually the last resort, it is better to pay attention to the legal aspects when you are still on a high note and ready to start business. Once you are committed to the actual (contractual) relationship, it comes down to managing the contract together to get the most value.

To help you learn the legal aspects of contracting, we can provide specific courses that teach you everything you need to know about commercial and international contracting: which law is applicable, the legal consequences of Incoterms, thelegal implications of a letter of intent, etc. Are you ready to face the sea of forms? And did you get the source code of thesoftware, and the IP rights?

Getting it right the first time is very important. Making sure risks are properly allocated and legally sound can save your organization a lot of money and work. Our courses are not meant to make you a legal expert, but you will be able to understand the legal aspects of procurement and how you can drive value out of the legal business relation. By cooperating with alaw firm that works on international contracts on a daily basis, we make sure you receive the best advice from the field. Additionally, we fully customize the training to your needs by incorporating your own contracts and legal issues.

For partnerships and truly collaborative relationships we use the framework developed by the University of Tennessee. This is a very practical guideline that helps you describe the contract elements you need for a successful win-win supplier relationship.