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Negotiation is one of the most common skills you need to have in order to be successful in any commercial role, when you want to achieve something where you need someone else’s skills, expertise or goods. In that sense, we learn to negotiate from an early age. In procurement, there are several aspects that determine whether you achieve the desired results. Our programs are based on the Harvard University integrative negotiation theory, that was first laid out in the standard work “Getting to Yes” by Roger Fisher and William Ury. They are the ones that introduced concepts such as LIM and BATNA that still form the basis of any negotiation course.

The four pillars of the negotiation strategies are

  • Separate the people from the problem subject to negotiation
  • Focus on the interests, not the positions
  • Generate different options for mutual gain
  • Base the agreement on objective criteria

Personality profiles such as DISC or Insights are a powerful tool in this regard, which we often use in our training programs.

The Harvard Institute on Negotiations later introduced the seven elements that need to be taken into account: interests, legitimacy, relationships, alternatives, options, commitments and communication. These elements are both for processes as well as content and prove to be particularly helpful in preparing negotiations.

Our programs help you to reach your goals, whether you are focused on short term cost-cutting or long term innovative partnerships. Whether you have a need for negotiation fundamentals, advanced negotiation, fact-based negotiation or how to deal with complex or monopolistic suppliers, we can help your team develop and prepare the right negotiation strategy, and make sure you have all angles covered when carrying out the negotiation.