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Procurement Development

Procurement Development

The world around us is continuously changing. You have probably heard of the term VUCA (Vulnerable, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) used to describe this changing world we live in, and procurement plays an important role in managing the resulting risks and in creating value. In order to become recognized by business as an important contributor of value and toimplement your power to deliver, you need to know where you stand and how you can improve.

With Michigan State University and Robert Monzcka we have developed benchmarking tools to help you to identify and improve your organization. We have developed tools for both individual assessments as well as organizational assessments, and have designed programs that address specific needs, depending on your goals. We call our approach the R-CEPt model; Roadmap to Competence Excellence in Procurement. Based on research, we can identify gaps in knowledge and skills, but more importantly, in the behavior that makes your team members successful in their role.

Topics such as centre-led procurement, aligning with stakeholders, outsourcing and strategy development can be incorporated in a training program that helps you drive the required changes.

In many cases, procurement development is a complex change process. Cultural aspects and understanding business needs, as well as in- and outsourcing strategies all shape the complex environment in which this change needs to happen. With licensed methods such as ChangePro® we help your team to foster this change and become the future.