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Procurement Process

Procurement Process

Whether you are (relatively) new to procurement, work in the business or in operational procurement, or even in sales, you need to understand how procurement works. Tactical sourcing processes, such as the seven-step sourcing approach by AT Kearney, or automated operational Purchase to pay processes and e-auctions, your team and organization needs to know how they work and interact. And for those who are dealing with procurement organizations, it is good to understand how these processes work. On the other hand, the more seasoned procurement teams might want to learn more about strategic sourcing, or the newly developed ISO standard on sustainable procurement (ISO20400).

How can we help businesses define their needs and bring this to the market? Do we need to prescribe everything in detail, or do we use a Best Value approach to invite suppliers to bring their own solution? How do we evaluate suppliers and their offers, and what are the legal aspects in both the private and public environment that need to be taken into account. All these questions can be answered by specific training programs that relate to your specific situation.

Usually we create cases that are taken from your business practices, so participants can easily relate the training to their workplace, and apply what they’ve learnt to improve their performance.