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Supplier Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

A large part of your performance comes from your supply chain operations. Even the most advanced solution will come to a standstill when your supply chain is disrupted. Becoming aware of the particular mechanisms that play a role in the efficiency of your supply chain is the first step. To practice the effect of these mechanisms, we use simulation games such as the beer-game.

In addition to this, you need to be able to manage and improve the supply chain. Optimizing your inventory levels, enhancing your transportation methods, and creating an agile and lean supply chain are important topics. Therefore, collaboration, low cost country sourcing and sustainable procurement come into play. And what about thinking of the logistic challenges and the risks involved in that?

Our courses explain the relation between strategic and operational processes, and go into detail regarding logistics and stock management. Some of the elements that can be covered are environmental footprint, lead times from low cost countries and efficient project management for sourcing from countries such as China.

Based on the ground-breaking research of John Gattorna, and our close cooperation with Involvation, we explore the different concepts in supply chain management such as replenishment, lean, agile and fully flexible.