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Sourcing Business Models (SBM) is the newest development in SRM to classify your supplier relationships and hands-on ways to structure your cooperation. Based onresearch from 2015 by professor Kate Vitasek (and co-authors) of the University of Tennessee, it is time to introduce a new way of strategic sourcing in the economy of today.

By choosing the right Sourcing Business Model for your situation, you can increase organizational value from your suppliers, and by effectively applying SBM concepts to your categories, you will be able to structure, manage and develop optimized supplier and stakeholder relationships.

What sourcing models can do for you

Procurement professionals and suppliers have to create more value together. These are the words of Kate Vitasek, one of the speakers at the upcoming International Supply Management Congress. In her latest book, she presents procurement as a series of straightforward procurement transactions on the one hand, and complex strategic relationships on the other.

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Sourcing Business Models