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Sustainable procurement

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN are important topics for every company. More than 70% of all company expenditures are procurement related, so sustainable procurement is one of the main driving forces behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the SDGs.

ISO20400 was introduced in April 2017 as the international standard for Sustainable Procurement. It provides a guidance to private companies and governmental organizations, independent of their activity or size, on integrating sustainability within procurement. ISO20400 is intended for stakeholders involved in, or impacted by, procurement decisions and processes. ISO 20400 helps individuals working in procurement to integrate sustainability within the procurement process.

NEVI-Purspective contributed its expertise to the development of ISO20400 as The Dutch Wheel©. The Dutch Wheel© describes a pragmatic approach to how the roadmap works.

Whitepaper: ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement

How professional and responsible procurement contributes to a sustainable world. Download here the whitepaper.

ISO-20400 training:

The open NEN/NEVI-Purspective ISO-20400 training within the Dutch Wheel was awarded the special NEN-NEVI ISO 20400 certificate and is already recognized as added-value in the market.

The advantage of in-company training is that the board/management/buyers and contract managers can get involved. The directive has direct support and can be implemented, measured and guaranteed within the organization itself.

For the next open enrollment training, see below. If you’re interested in in-company training, please contact us and we will establish a tailor-made program and proposal for you.


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More information

As NEVI Purspective we have developed an ISO20400 introduction training. We offer this as a full-service training to our colleagues.

The package contains:

  • Train-the-trainer program (three blocks of 2 hours Webex)
  • Quarterly review with all trainers to exchange global experiences.
  • Training materials in different languages
  • Online learning management system to provide trainees with the training materials.

Interested? Please send an email to support@purspective.com